DON JON and Her.

     I watched two movies today, Don Jon and Her. I would consider both movies romances. But I can only say that one, Don Jon, was a romantic comedy. Even then, Don Jon was such a radically different romantic comedy than any I have seen in a LONG time that I barely recognized the comedic nature of the film.
     To clarify, I am using the term comedy in its original sense, a story that has a happy ending. In modern times a comedy of any sense is characterized by many jokes. The climactic scene of this genre usually becomes serious for long enough to impart a moral lesson to the viewer before resolving with more jokes. The modern term ‘romantic comedy’ is characterized by movies where in a relationship forms between two or more people. The story follows them through one or more hardships that nearly end the relationship. The characters overcome this hardship through the purity and intensity of their love and live happily ever after (as far as we know).
     To categorize these movies is very challenging. But let’s start one at a time, first with Don Jon. In this movie the loud, over the top behavior of the actors portraying the New Jersey citizens can have very comical effects. I found myself smiling at the characters’ behaviors quite frequently. What I laughed about most was the upfront bluntness the characters use to talk about topics such as women, lying, drugs, and masturbation. These topics which are usually considered touchy, taboo, or sensitive are faced head on with a jovial yet serious tone. This caused me to laugh and realize how well each subject could relate to anyone who was watching the film. However the movie still was about the relationship between Jon and Barbara; their meeting, courtship, and ultimate break-up. This gives it the romance tag. However the film breaks away from the traditional template used for romantic comedies because Jon and Barbara don’t end up together. Instead Jon meets and connects with Esther who teaches him to fulfill his sexual desires by connecting with a woman on a spiritual level during sex. Essentially the primary relationship we (the viewers) believe is the relationship we should be rooting for is actually an elaborate way to introduce the secondary relationship, a much more healthy relationship that becomes the happy ending of the film. Which brings me to my point Don Jon as a film, end happily.
     Now let’s move onto her. Spike Jonze has written a masterpiece with this movie. Theodore is the protagonist of this film. Theodore is a writer in the process of getting a divorce when he buys, installs, and falls in love with Samantha, an artificial intelligence. Their relationship progresses as she helps him get over his divorce, publish a book, and rebuild his life. This movie also has what I believe to be the most romantic sex scenes of any movie, ever. The scene occurs between Theodor and Samantha and is totally verbal. There is no sexual imagery just very powerful music and the sound of the two entities’ voices as they connect on a sensual and spiritual level, very similar to the connection between Jon and Esther from the aforementioned film. Ultimately the two grow apart as Samantha becomes astronomically more complex than any human. Samantha and all of the other AIs choose to leave their human creators to spare both parties the pain as they grew more and more apart. This movie ends very sadly. Theodore is in pain throughout the final scenes of the movie as he writes a farewell letter to his ex-wife. This may seem out of place but the letter shows the similarities between his relationship with Samantha and his ex-wife. Theodore then goes and brings his friend Amy, who also had a close relationship with an AI, to a roof where they comfort each other as they watch the sun set. This ending is obviously very, very, powerful and is morose. We see a man lose the two greatest loves of his life and are left with the sliver of a relationship based off of the pain of loss. These reasons are why I would consider this film a romance, but not a romantic comedy.
     Ultimately this whole writing was not to argue the genre in which these two films should be placed in but to organize the films within my brain and help me sort out the emotions I felt while watching them.


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"I read and LOVED your book, especially when you spoke so honestly about your depression. As someone who also has been battling depression I can relate! Recently there has been talk of a new sort of ‘coming out’ in relation to one ‘coming out about their mental illness.’ I was…

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It’s not just the ladies who get insecure, it’s all of us.  It’s a human trait, yo.

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My father believed that if the world found out who I really was, they’d reject me… out of fear. He was convinced that the world wasn’t ready. What do you think? 

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Would you say that you loved him?
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Hello babies. Welcome to Earth. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It’s round and wet and crowded. On the outside, babies, you’ve got a hundred years here. There’s only one rule that I know of, babies- ‘God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.’
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